A Devoted Heart

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Bible Text: Revelation 3:14-22 | Series:

A Devoted Heart

Revelation 3:14–22

Christians must guard themselves from becoming attached to this world.

  1. Christ’s introduction - 14
    1. Jesus is sure and His veracity is unshakable.
    2. Jesus will never exaggerate or misrepresent the truth.
    3. Jesus is the originator of everything therefore He possesses all wisdom.
    4. The problem with the church at Laodicea stemmed from a false claim ( 17). Jesus is never fooled or mistaken. He always makes a correct judgment.
  1. Christ’s rebuke - 15–19
    1. This church has the most impressive credentials but Christ gives it no commendation.
    2. Christ rejects this church because they are lukewarm.
      1. This refers to ones’ spiritual or heart condition.
      2. Jesus wants their spiritual condition to be either cold or hot.
      3. Sometimes this is interpreted to mean that Jesus wants people to be either cold (against God) or hot (for God). While it is true that He desires people to be on fire for God (Romans 12:11), there is no biblical support for His desire for people to be cold for God.
      4. It is much better to see that cold and hot to refer to a state of acceptance. Beverages are meant to be served either cold or hot. Lukewarm beverages have become unacceptable.
      5. Spewing the lukewarm out of His mouth is a metaphor for rejection.
    3. Those who were lukewarm made a false claim about their condition. They trusted in the wrong things. They were blinded to their true condition:
      1. Plenty of stuff but no peace of God (wretched/woeful).
      2. Full of activity but no joy of the Lord (miserable/pitiful).
      3. Successful but empty inside without the love of Christ (poor in spirit).
      4. Seen it all and know it all but ignorant of the bible (blind/hardened).
      5. Had a form of religion but did not have Christ (naked/ashamed).
    4. Jesus invites one to rely upon His spiritual provisions:
      1. Faith in Christ is most valuable - 1 Peter 1:7
      2. Righteousness in Christ, because of Christ, and for Christ- Rev 19:8
      3. Illumination of the Holy Spirit - 1 John 2:27
  1. Christ’s rebuke and encouragement - 19–22
    1. In spite of our lukewarm hearts Christ lovingly rebukes and chastens us. We should be eager to turn back to Him
    2. The invitation is for fellowship and the promised future feast with Christ.

Anyone can hear the words of Jesus. Believers are overcomers.


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A Devoted Heart