Elijah: Trusting God

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Bible Text: 1 Kings 18:1-16 | Series:

Elijah: Trusting God

1 Kings 18:1–16

Sometimes it is difficult and even seems impossible to obey God’s will. We know what He has commanded but we are afraid of the cost.

  1. The Lord is in sovereign control over all events - 1–2
    1. The Lord was in complete control in bringing the drought.
    2. The Lord was in complete control in bringing an end to the drought.
    3. Do we recognize God’s power to judge and chastise - Luke 13:1–5
    4. God’s providence brought Obadiah to Elijah.
  1. Obadiah meets Elijah – 3–16
    1. Obadiah feared the Lord greatly.
      1. He did not apostatize but continued to be a servant of the Lord just as his name meant.
      2. Saving the prophets was the demonstration of his faith.
    2. Obadiah was busy fulfilling his responsibilities when Elijah showed up.
    3. Elijah’s suddenness in appearing speaks to God’s suddenness in His intervention into people’s lives.
    4. Elijah gives Obadiah a direct command.
    5. Obadiah is overwhelmed by the command.
    6. Obadiah called Elijah lord. Elijah called Ahab Obadiah’s lord.
    7. Elijah gave Obadiah a promise.
    8. Obadiah going to Ahab was a greater act of faith than hiding the prophets.
    9. Obadiah obeyed the will of God when he trusted the promise of God.

Living by faith means obeying the will of God while trusting in His promises.

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Elijah: Trusting God