God’s Righteous Judgment

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Bible Text: Romans 2:1-16 | Series:

God’s Righteous Judgment

Romans 2:1–16

The righteousness of God is revealed in the gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16–17

  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in mankind - Romans 1:18-32 (v. 1:18)
  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in the Jews - Romans 2:1-16 (v. 2:1)
  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in the law - Romans 2:17-24 (v. 2:23)
  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in circumcision - Romans 2:25-19 (v. 2:25)
  • God’s righteousness IS revealed through faith in Jesus Christ - Romans 3:21-26

The Holy Spirit through the word of God has demonstrated how all of humanity suppresses the truth of God in unrighteous (1:18–23) and that God in His wrath has turned them over to sin (1:24–31) and judgment (1:32).

Some people do not suppress the truth in unrighteousness but know the truth of God and judge others for sin (2:1a) but that only proves that they themselves are deserving of God’s judgment because they practice the same sins (2:1b).

Three criteria are given for God’s righteous judgment:

  1. 1. the judgment of God is according to truth - v. 2–4
  • No one can deceive God. He knows the truth about our sin.
  • People think that God will surely not judge them (3). And because He has been kind, tolerant, and patient they choose to ignore His call for repentance (4).


  1. who will render to each one according to his deeds - v. 5–10
  • Those who will not repent are accumulating a more severe judgment - Rev 20:11–15
  • Because God is just and will give every person exactly what they deserve.
  • He will remunerate (pay) eternal life to those who without fail persist to do good works that strive for the glory of God, pursue the honor of pleasing Him, and seek only the end goal of divine incorruptibility (perfection).
  • God will also remunerate (pay) eternal punishment to those who resist Him and go against Him refusing to follow His way but go their own way contrary to righteousness.
  • God shows no favoritism or leniency to Jews. He will judge Jews and non-Jews alike.
  1. in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ - v. 11–16
  • Every person is guilty because they have broken God’s law and sinned against Him.
  • To be righteous or justified before God means to perfectly obey God and His law.
  • Every person is given by God a conscience that informs him about right and wrong.
  • Every person has in some way violated and sinned against their conscience.
  • According to the gospel, on judgment day everyone will be judged by Jesus Christ, who is God’s perfect divine standard of righteous humanity.


What will be the verdict if you stood before Jesus Christ and were judged by Him?

The gospel teaches that you must not believe you will be declared righteous before God according to your works. But you must believe that you will be declared righteous before God according to your faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ!

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