God’s Wrath upon Unrighteous Humanity

Sunday, June 28, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Romans 1:18-32 | Series:

God’s Wrath upon Unrighteous Humanity

Romans 1:18–32

The righteousness of God is revealed in the gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16–17

  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in mankind - Romans 1:18-32 (v. 1:18)
  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in the Jews - Romans 2:1-16 (v. 2:1)
  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in the law - Romans 2:17-24 (v. 2:23)
  • God’s righteousness is not revealed in circumcision - Romans 2:25-19 (v. 2:25)
  • God’s righteousness IS revealed through faith in Jesus Christ - Romans 3:21-26

The wrath of God - God’s wrath is His righteous opposition to the sin of humanity. Wrath is God’s holy revulsion of His being and necessary reaction against sinners.

is revealed from heaven:

  • means the wrath of God is His alone like His righteousness - 1:17
  • means the wrath of God is universal like His righteousness is available to all - 1:16
  • means the wrath of God is eschatological like the day of wrath - 2:5
  • means the wrath of God is also a present reality that is obvious for all to see and know about and not hidden - 1:19-2:29

against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men - Ungodliness is the perversion of a true and right devotion to God and unrighteousness is the perversion of God’s morality.

who suppress the truth in unrighteousness - attempting to extinguish the reality of God

  1. 19 - There is a witness of the reality of God is in the conscience, heart, mind, and soul.
  2. 20 - When people observe and interact with the creation they see the evidence:
  • eternal power - The Creator of a universe so vast and measureless must be infinite.
  • Godhead - The Creator of a world so complex and mind-boggling must be divine.
  • so that they are without excuse - It will not be possible to claim ignorance or naiveté.

21–23 - Without God to give glory to, men in their foolishness give their glory to what’s left… themselves and the other created things around them.


THEREFORE: God gave them up - God delivered them over in judgment

24–25 - Uncleanness: Sexual sins are a grievous consequence of rejecting God.

26–27 - Vile passions: Homosexuality is a sign of a deeper rebellion against God.

28–31 - Debased mind: The corrupt mind acts out in multiple forms of evil.

32 - To practice or to approve these evils is the evidence of the rejection of God.


God is just to condemn people even if they have not heard the gospel.

What if someone did respond to God and did not suppress the truth?

The point God is making in Romans 1:18–3:20 is that NO ONE does respond.

The religious practices of the lost are not evidence of seeking but proof of rejecting.


How will you respond to the revelation of the righteousness of God in the gospel?

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