I AM the Vine

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Bible Text: John 15:1 & 5 | Series:

I AM the Vine

John 15:1 & 5

Jesus is the true vine and the producer of fruit that is pleasing to the Father.

  1. Jesus is true vine - 1
    1. Israel was to be God’s fruitful vineyard - Isaiah 5:1–7
    2. Israel was to be God’s fruitful vine - Psalm 80
    3. Israel failed to produce fruit pleasing to God.
    4. Jesus succeeded in producing fruit pleasing to God. He is One in whom all of the blessing, obedience, joy, love, and glory is fulfilled.
  1. The Father is the vinedresser - 1
    1. The Father cuts away the fruitless branches.
    2. The Father prunes fruitful branches in order to produce more fruit.
  1. Believers will bear fruit - 2–8
    1. The power of the word of God is effective for the believer - John 17:17 Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. 
    2. Abiding in Christ is the only way to produce fruit. Christians are in an organic relationship with Christ not a mechanical one.
    3. Just like every fruitful branch abides in the vine, so every Christian abides in Christ and produces fruit.
    4. Christ is the whole vine not just the trunk. Believers become part of Christ as the branches are part of the vine.
    5. Israel assumed God would not judge them - Ezekiel 15:1–8
    6. There is a looming threat for those who do not abide in Christ. Christ rejecters and false professers will be judged (Judas).

Abiding in Christ is the same as abiding in His word. We must hear, receive, trust, obey, conform, hold onto, and live out Christ/His word.

What do you pray for?

Pray for the will of God to be accomplished in your life. Pray for the Christ-life.

The fruit is the effective prayer for the will of God in your life (the Christ-life):

blessing (v. 9), obedience (v. 10), joy (v. 11), love (v. 12), glory to the Father (v. 8).

The Father is glorified when we demonstrate the outcome (fruit) of a complete dependence upon Christ.

You show yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ when the fruit in your life shows that you desire to abide in Him and His word.

May God be glorified as His vine produces much good fruit!

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I AM the Vine