Paul’s Testimony: Against Jesus

Sunday, April 15, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Acts 25:13-26:11 | Series:

Paul’s Testimony: Against Jesus

Acts 25:13–26:11  

Paul’s life is set as an example for us to follow. This includes his testimony of salvation which is repeated three times in Acts and always begins with his life without Christ.

  1. Paul had opportunity to explain for himself about his beliefs - 25:13–26:3
    1. Paul waited two long years to have this opportunity - Acts 9:15–16
    2. Festus had no background in Jewish teaching and had no understanding.
    3. King Agrippa and Bernice had a religious background and understanding.
  1. Paul’s upbringing shaped his life - 26:4–8
    1. Paul was born in Tarsus of Cilicia (22:3), a socially progressive city.
    2. Paul was raised in Jerusalem (22:3), the city of God.
    3. Paul was raised in a religiously conservative home.
    4. Paul did not consider his strict upbringing as a drawback or liability.
    5. Paul did not consider his past as a strict Pharisees as wrong or useless.
    6. Paul grew up and believed the truth of God’s word He was taught.
  1. Paul formerly lived his life against the name of Jesus of Nazareth - 9–11
    1. Paul was guilty of the most extreme persecution against the saints.
    2. Paul was even guilty of putting the saints to death.
    3. Paul caused Christians to sin in denying the Lord Jesus.
    4. Paul had a furious rage of hatred against Christians.
    5. Paul had a sinful heart - Romans 7:7–12
      1. Paul is explaining that the purpose of the law is to reveal sin.
      2. The law is like the sunshine and rain upon a garden plot. When the weeds sprout among the crops are the sunshine and rain to be blamed? The weeds are dormant until stimulated.
      3. The sin of covetousness is unavoidable. It is the evil desire of the heart to obtain and experience what God has forbidden.

Paul is the pattern as the chief of sinners - 1 Timothy 1:12–17

  • You may have not done the kind of things Paul did against the Lord Jesus, but how would the summary of your sinful life be listed?
  • Who is the greatest sinner most deserving of judgment you know?
  • If Jesus can show mercy and longsuffering to Paul…

Help me dear Lord to see sin as You see it.

Help me never to dress it up as men often do.

Help me see how the smallest split-second sin,

in the vast ocean of Your created universe

is a monumental rebellion against Your holiness.

Help me dear Lord to see how sin makes me a rebel.

Help me see all my sin is deserving of Your eternal judgment.